Creative Arts


Clients work through emotional pain, anxieties and distress within a safe and supportive environment using a variety of creative methods.



Art explores emotional landscape and view, and aspects of a person’s ‘seen world’ in terms of inner and outer world reality. The inter-relationships of size, shape, line, space, texture, shade, tone, colour in a painting can reveal the reality of the self. The art image supports people to linger in the exploration of themselves and inner world when, without it, they may run away from or avoid both.


Clay/ Play Doh

Clay/ play doh can offer a person the power to speak through touch. Its power lies more in the emotional resonance of substance. It invites a sensual engagement with the world. Clay expresses qualities and forms of feeling, directly, plainly, free of the clutter of any associations of the everyday.



Clients choose from a whole world of miniature people, animals and buildings and arrange them in the controlled space of the sand tray. This offers a profound overview of important life issues. Once feelings are organised and externalised in the sand tray, they can be contemplated from a distance, and then assimilated.


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