Filial Therapy


More and more people are realizing the power of play and humour in promoting positive relationships and mental health. 


The family that makes time to play together is likely to be stronger and happier! 


There is a family intervention that is designed to strengthen families through the use of play. It is called filial therapy, and it can be used by families who have few or no real problems, but who wish to strengthen their relationships or it can be used by therapists working with families who are experiencing difficulties.  

In Filial Therapy the parents are true partners with the therapist in bringing about positive changes in their family's life.

Under the therapist's guidance, the parents learn to conduct a special type of play session with their own children.  The parents are considered true partners in the entire therapeutic process. 


There are several advantages to parents being the ones to conduct the play sessions with their own children.

  • Parents have an intimate relationship with their children and already know their children better than a therapist would.
  • Parents are very capable of learning to conduct these special play sessions.
  • Parents are the most important people in their children's lives.  This method of strengthening the family capitalizes on this fact, and children need not develop a whole new relationship with a therapist. 
  • When parents are involved in play therapy as they are in filial therapy, the changes are usually positive and long-lasting. 
  • When involved in filial therapy, parents usually learn how to understand their children better through their play.  This understanding can help parents as they make childrearing decisions.

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